digging deep


Our next show is at The Busselton Fringe Festival.

You can see Digging Deep at the Artgeo Gallery at 19:30pm on both Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March.

Tickets available now:


February 19, 2014Isolated Nation

Digging Deep is a hard hitting and intimate play following the reconnection of two sisters Lucy, a seemingly successful nurse, and Ann, an unsuccessful emotional wreck. The dark history of their family slowly unravels over the course of the play as the two sisters openly share their past experiences for the first time.

Written by young Manchester Playwright Gemma Flannery, who also plays the role of Ann, Digging Deep not only conveys the enormous weight that victims of sexual abuse carry and the crippling fear of opening about the awful past, it also explores the swamp of emotional issues that victims of sexual abuse have to deal with. The characters face self-doubt, guilt, anger, blame, isolation, powerlessness and the enormous courage needed to confront the past in an incredibly honest and sensitive way.

Flannery’s 6 years of experience with the Manchester police in role play for victims of sexual abuse is definitely key to this very believable and engaging performance.

Staring up-and-coming stage actor Abigail Martin as Lucy, the play is not at all for the faint hearted but highlights an incredibly important and too often taboo issue.

Digging Deep runs daily at 9:45 pm until Sunday 23/2/14 at Pink Falmingo at The Pleasure Garden, and tickets are available here.

-JC Victorson

‘No one will believe me, he’s such a nice guy.’

Two estranged sisters lead their lives in solitude. A childhood of sweets, Barbie dolls and perversion the only thing they now share. Ann, unemployed and in a rut, seeks support from her sister to help mend her broken life.  Lucy, a prosperous nurse is seemingly unscathed by the events of her youth.  But as the two rekindle their relationship, the scars that lie beneath her strong exterior begin to appear.  Together, they try to understand and ultimately to heal.

    Digging Deep is an original piece from Manchester playwright, Gemma Flannery, premiering in Australia as a part of Fringe World.  This critically acclaimed play explores the eternal bond of family and the role of support networks in the healing process.

    Featuring Abigail Martin this relevant piece of theatre delves into a world too often labelled taboo.  With a great deal of sensitivity, Flannery confronts the issue from a place of compassion not judgement.

“A poignant drama written with gut wrenching honesty and authenticity” ****- Teresa Miller, Remotegoat